The Floyd Rig

The Floyd Rig is best for large Catfish, and Carp when fishing in water with a lot of snags and hang-ups. Large rocks below dams and sunken lake timber can cause you to lose that trophy fish if your weight gets snagged.
If you hook a fish and it heads for cover, hopefully the 6 pound monofilament will break and you still got your fish.
What works best for me is a 12" braid leader going to the hook, and 30" long light mono going to the junk weight. The leader going to the hook can also be heavy mono instead of braided line.

Junk Weight. If you get snagged every time you cast out, use a junk weight. My favorite junk weights are used spark plugs thrown out by automotive repair shops. 3/4" hex nuts from a hardware store are less than 1/2 the cost of lead and make good junk weights too. Even a rock in an old sock makes a good junk weight.

Chum Weight. If you want to increase your odds at catching Catfish, use a chum weight instead of a junk weight. The best Catfish chum weights are: canned cat food, canned sardines, canned dog food, creamed corn, canned anchovies, vienna sausage, and tuna fish. Poke several holes in the can and attached it to your 6LB monofilament line. In short time your fishing hole should be swarming with catfish. The chum weight on a Floyd Rig may be legal in states that don't allow chumming.

Best bait Flathead, Channel cat, and Blue Catfish

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